Helpful Hints:

o    The shooter works with continuous pumping action and does not shoot one at a time with one pump of the chamber. The marshmallows must be fresh as it is compressed together and then regains its shape as it shoots. If the marshmallows are not fresh then it sticks to itself and therefore does not shoot. We do not recommend putting them in the freezer or refrigerator or leaving them out to dry out as this causes them to hold moisture inside and stick together. Another helpful hint is to put a small
amount of cooking oil on a cotton bud (q-tip) and put it inside the hole that is under the flap on the front of the barrel.

o    When replacing the magazine (clear tube), insert the open end into the Manifold Insert of the Shooter, and push firmly to make vacuum. Then press the magazine (clear tube) into the rear grip. Do not press magazine (clear tube) into rear grip and then push into Manifold Insert as it will not create the vacuum.
New Zealand - Is sent by a tracked courier and cannot be to a PO Box. It normally take between 2-3 business days NZ wide, rural deliveries allow another 2 days.
Australia - Allow up to 7 business days.
Return/Refund Policy
o   No return policy unless the product has manufacturing defect.  
What kind of marshmallows (aka Ammo) should I use?
o   The ones we sell were selected after lots of testing (what a great job that was). Others that work almost as well are the Betta brand which are available in the baking section
o   Always use fresh marshmallows (i.e. fluffy and when compressed, return to shape). Do not freeze, refrigerate or leave exposed.
o  If you want a great effect and your marshmallows to get a bit more distance add a small amount of Cornflour to the bag of Marshmallows

What size marshmallow does my shooter take?

o   All Shooters, Bow and Mallows use mini marshmallows (we are only stocking these at the moment)
o   All Blasters, Mazookas and Crossbows use large marshmallows
Other tips:

o   If you do not feel compression

§ Check to make sure the flap on the end of the nozzle is not stuck open
§ Make sure the black rubber piece is all the way against the closed end of the magazine (clear tube)

Why are my marshmallows getting stuck?

o   Your marshmallows are not fresh.

o   The tube (magazine) and nozzle are not clean. These both are removable for cleaning

o   Shooter is not holding pressure.
o  Try a small amount of Cornflour added to your bag of marshmallows

What if my marshmallows are too big for my shooter?

o   Mini marshmallows do vary in size a bit, however the Shooter is designed to compress the marshmallow as it enters the nozzle and then returns to shape as it shoots.


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